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Our Services

♦ Make yourself feel better

♦ Know that you are not alone,  avoid the struggle within

♦ Give praise for your life

J'lyn All American Amputee Foundation offers scheduled support group meeting each month where different activities and events will be offered.   Including arts and crafts, a book club, newsletter,  secrets to healthy eating and living.  Self-esteem classes, and yoga for health and relaxation.   There will also be a low-impact dance and exercise class, taught by an experienced amputee and a non-amputee instructor. 

Other special offerings would be a 'look good, feel better day' and a 'hobby day' for men, women, and children.  The support groups will offer teens, tennis, golf, bowling, and basketball clinics at times.  Also, seminars will often be conducted,  learning featuring keynote speakers, on topics chosen from the group.

 Peer Visiting

Hospital and On-Site Home

  • By a Certified Peer Visitor

Limb Loss Life Building Skills 

  • Self -Management

  • Communication

  • Physically, Mentally, Spiritually and Emotionally

Healthy Me

  • Basic skin care

  • Skin care routines

  • Maintaining socket hygiene

  • Care of the Prosthesis

 Pre and Post Consultations

  • Before & After Surgery

Activities Clinic

  • Miniature Golf

  • Swing Golf

  • Bowling

  • Tennis

Health/Educational Fitness for Limb Loss 

  • Physical Fitness Training

  • Dealing with aches & pains

  • Fitness classes for Amputees

  • Dance Classes

 Six-Step Programs for Adults

  • Knowing and Understanding who you are as a Amputee

  • Understanding the life of an Amputee

  • Interacting with family and friends with a limb loss, as being an Amputee

  • Staying on track

  • Accepting to accept your new life & living with limb loss

  • Bouncing back

 Six-Step Programs for Children

  • Learning and Sharing

  • Living with limb loss

  • Interacting with others

  • Understanding the life of an Amputee

  • Staying on track

  • Bouncing back

 Support Groups

  • Motivational Uplifting

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