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About Us

Changing Lives

J'lyn All American Amputee Foundation, was established in 2006.  Our organization strives to build and strengthen a person's mind and body in order to increase self-esteem, allowing the person to use his or her artistic and creative abilities.  With this purpose, children, youth, and adults can Empower themselves to live a social and fully informed lifestyle.  Despite being an amputee, it is clearly understood that "life goes on".

This is done by offering several services, classes, and programs to help amputees

in a positive and caring environment.


What Makes Us Different?


Communication - we begin with communicating strong learning, empowerment that can easily be transferred into the real world, which includes one on one, as well as small and large group settings which develops into the person's understanding about his or her ability to recover with the ability to live life as an amputee.

Encouragement - we give the amputee encouragement to be creative, become self-motivated, and have a positive approach to their lifestyle as they move into meaningful friendships and relationships with their caregivers and families.  This can be a proven contribution to their success and living with limb loss.

Our Board of Directors

  • Gloria Thompson,  CEO/ President

  • Glenn E. Gamble II,  Vice President

  • Inez Pace,  Treasurer

  • Blinky Williams,  Director of Development

  • Thea Wills,  Secretary

Advisory Board 
Charles Dougless
Sandee Palacios
Carl D. Robinson

Our Sponsors

Dr. Leo E. Orr, Jr.

Dr. Arnold R. Savage

Marcia J. Glenn, M.D.

Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr

Nancy & Derek Lewis

 Dwight H. Smith M.D. Inc.


- Care -

♦ Airport Marina

Physical Therapy

♦ Dynamics

Prosthetics - Orthotics

♦ Western

Health Care

♦ Dermatology & Laser

Medical Center

- Professionals -

♦ Tae M. Shin, M.D. - Surgeon

♦ Peter Sean, CP - Prosthetist

♦ Charles Gyden, PT

♦ Anita Kriplani, M.D. FACC

- Businesses -

♦ Exclusive Auto Touch

- Spiritual -

♦ Pastor A.F. Williams

True Vine Baptist Church

Inglewood, CA

♦ Pastor James Lockhart

Angelic Baptist Church

Los Angeles, CA

♦ Pastor Wayne Gaddis

Greater St. Augustine Missionary

Baptist Chruch

Los Angeles, CA

♦ Pastor Keith Henderson

The Fellowship Christian Center

Oakland, CA

♦ Pastor Lester Rhodes

Christian Church

Las Vegas, NV

♦ Bishop Glenn Gamble

Anchor of Hope Worship Center

South Pasadena,  CA

- Prayer Supporters -

♦ Brenda Holloway

♦ Darlyous Hunter

♦ Sheri Payne

A Special Thanks to Everyone Who Sponsors and Supports Us.
We could not do this without you!

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