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J'lyn All American Amputee Foundation

Is an association developed to provide a level of support and understanding for those who

have suffered the loss of one or more of their limbs.  Whether it's through heart disease,

diabetes, cancer, an accident, from poor blood circulation, a birth defects, or surgery. 

The focus of the foundation is to help provide some financial assistance.

Along with support and encouragement as the amputee resumes an active and productive life

 From the Heart of an Amputee - Never think that anything is too small, too big, or too insignificant for God. 
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Our Founder

Ms. Gigi, founder, and CEO of J'lyn All American Amputee Foundation is a California Native.  While her life has been filled with performing and working in the entertainment industry, she also earned a degree in Business Administration and early childhood education.  A three-time cancer survivor, and a gifted woman with an array of talents.

She has been able to express herself successfully over the years.  As a young woman, she attended the Dance School of Performing Arts, studying acting at Jackson Motion Picture company, and was a fashion model in and around the Greater Los Angeles area.

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Gigi's PodCast

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